TrafficWatch is a system for accounting for traffic costs in a residential college/school type environment. It consists of a set of scripts and web pages for accounting for internet usage by volume, and is capable of accounting for both Squid proxy traffic and direct IP traffic. It was designed primarily for the use of the colleges of the University of Melbourne, and has been in use at several colleges there since 2001.

TrafficWatch is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.

TrafficWatch is described in a paper which was presented at the 2002 SAGE-AU Conference. The paper is slightly out of date since it was written in July 2002, whereas development has been ongoing since then. The primary source of documentation about TrafficWatch is the PDF documentation which is included in the package.

Peter is working on improving the documentation and packaging on an ongoing basis; any questions/suggestions/comments/etc. should be directed to him.


Recent releases:

The source code for TrafficWatch is available here.

TrafficWatch is packaged as a Debian package, so Debian sarge/sid users can add the APT source:
deb ./
and run an apt-get install trafficwatch to install TrafficWatch.

Peter Hawkins
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